SMS Services

An intelligent network infrastructureallows us to provide a complete range of premium products and services,both efficiently and seamlessly. Ourexpertise spans such services as SMS Texting, Mobile Marketing, Interactive TV/Radio solutions, as well as customized application development.We are dependable, responsive, flexible, and we are growing,just like our number of customers.


IVR Applications & Content Development.

Simple andeasy to use, IVR services arehighly coveted among mobile phone users. As a result, the majority of service providers today still regardthem as a considerable source of income,especially because of the many benefitsthey hold: 24/7 automated access, enhanced service levels, efficient processes and setup,increased revenues, short payback time, statistics and monitoring capabilities.


SMS Marketing Campaigns.

We provideleading SMS marketing services to Lebanon, the Gulf and North Africa. Seeing thatwe wish tocontinue to lead the marketthrough the latestservices, we also offer a web interface with user-friendly optionsthat allow clients to benefit from delivery reports, history and HL.

Premium VAS services

We provide IVR, SMS and MMS services to mobile phone users in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Mobile Games & Apps

Libavas is creating innovative mobile Apps in parallel with its Value Added Services, Mobile Marketing andon-the-go Push Notifications.